For Our Future, For Our Mount Vernon

Shaping Mount Vernon's future with humility, integrity and equity.

Statement of Values

Leadership in Government is grounded by shared values. In line with Janice’s commitment to serve and improve our community, the Friends of Janice Duarte (Campaign Committee), shares Janice’s and the Campaign’s core values:

Honesty, Accountability and Integrity:

Public Trust is sacrosanct. All Campaign business is dealt with unyielding integrity and adherence to the Spirit and Letter of the Law. We build mutual respect through honesty and accountability, in order to work together, as One City.


Our highest achievements are dependent on one another. We interact with all persons with respect and humility, in recognition, that together, as One City, Mount Vernon has yet to realize its greatest achievements.

Gratitude, Care and Patience:

Every individual plays an essential role in working as One City for the future of Mount Vernon. We are therefore grateful to our predecessors, care for the welfare of our fellow residents, and, exercise patience even during negative interactions.

Courage and Fairness:

Courage is needed to uphold and stay true to our values when confronted with unfair tactics and in order to work towards fair outcomes for everyone, as One City.

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